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Dear audio friends, welcome on the Van Medevoort website.

Since our export is increasing very fast, we have changed the website to easier use for our international friends. The start page will be in English with all export ready products. We find it of great importance to offer a good database with information about our vM products, manuals, reviews, news, etc.

This year we have in our planning several new products and a few renewed items. Most important are the Loudspeaker systems and Module Series after many years of success. Then of course we stay in tune with streaming and computer audio. Next to PCM (bit perfect) are DSD and i2s (Q-Link) our favoured formats, but only if Uncompressed. All amplifiers, DAC's, CD players, CD transports are new or recently updated. They can compete on the (international) market easily, just convince yourself in a listening session.

With the new loudspeaker line we will use other drivers, filters and design, visual as well as mechanical/acoustical. The current dynamic models vM DD5.0 and DD9.0, but even the ESL vM EE150 will be replaced by new models. Also our reference systems RDQ and REQ are ready for new designs. A lot of work have to be done yet for the new Dynamic and Electrostatic Loudspeakers. Some models will be equipped even with our amplifier modules, (Class 'A' and/or Class 'D'), to create active loudspeakers next to the passive ones, primarily for the studio monitors, but if desirable also for Hi-End stereo and multi channel audio.

For the Module series we designed a new housing, to have more space for electronics and connectors. The Phono amplifier gets standard an IEC mains inlet and we are testing XLR/balanced inputs and outputs. The new Headphone amplifier is also equipped with an IEC and balanced/symmetrical inputs and outputs. Even our mains or power line filters are receiving a new housing, in the same design as the other modules. Last, but not least, we think to release a DAC priced for the audiophile starters or youth.

With the shift from CD and/or vinyl to computer audio, all music has gone, only (bad) sound remains in most cases. Main cause is compression and software/operating systems. We will explain further in our F.A.Q., starting soon on this website. The only solution is to make or get original uncompressed High Resolution recordings, or buy DSD recordings from companies who record in DSD (otherwise it's PCM). It should be obvious that you use an audiophile PC (i.e. the vM HDHT PC) as well in your audio setup, certainly not an office machine. That's why we make our D/A converters as we do for highest musical pleasure, all other digital issues or problems are PC related, solve them there, or use one of our CD transports. If necessary, we will design an audiophile HiFi PC conform our vM standards in the near future. For many years, ART (Audioart Recording Technology) is recording musicians, bands and orchestras in Hi-Res PCM as well as DSD to experience how and where we can increase the musical qualities of our vM products...

Audioart wish you much listening pleasure,
Ad van Medevoort